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You’ve heard that, “The road to success as not paved by good intentions.”  But that phrase is ironic all by itself because quoting a bumper sticker and doing something to solve the problem are two very different things.  Anybody can have good intentions or even be aware that intentions without actions are merely idle talk.  But choosing to mean what we say… that’s a different story.

So this fall we kicked off a small group series with our students for just 3 weeks to try and put some umph behind our intentions and the momentum of January.   We’re calling it.. “And I Meant It!”

Week 1:  I said I wanted to get close to God… and I meant it.  

Week 2: I said I wanted true friendships… and I meant it.

Week 3: I said I believe in the power of prayer… and I meant it.

Last week was week 1 for us and myself, my co-leader kevin, and 10 squirrely A.D.D infested teen guys got together to talk about what it would be like if we had a “tent of meeting” like Moses did where he met with God.  They all agreed that would be a rad, but at one point I had to call their bluff and say some stuff I can’t put on this blog.  It was time to stop “posing” and acting like we cared about getting close to God just cuz we showed up at small groups.  It’s a start, but it’s not like going to class makes someone a good student.  You have to put actual real effort in.  

So we all agreed to hold each other accountable to read our Bible daily.  We passed around mobile numbers.  We prayed.  We said, “let’s do this thing.”  We’re using the One Minute Bible as our tool.  I like it because it’s bite sized readings each day. It’s not cheesy or filled with lame graphics.  It’s enough to start a conversation and get a habit going without biting off more than a teen guy can handle who didn’t read much anyway.

So I’m stoked for what could happen in these 11 dudes if they truly develop the new beginning of a life with God on their own.

If you wanna join us, you can grab a one minute bible here.

You can download the teaching plan here.

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