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Just got this weeks TIME magazine in the mail with a cover article on the brain. In it, it says that:

“There are 100 billion neurons in the human brain. Additional supporting tissue brings the total cell count to 1 Trillion.”

1 TRILLION. Know what amazes me more than that? It is that somehow, these same scientists, will say these billions of neurons all talk by the process of random chance at the heart of evolution. And we know they start developing connections with one another prior to birth and keep going well into the late teens and early twenties at the earliest. If you ask me, my faith is pretty small when I say, there must be a Creator. My hats off to those who can believe it happened by accident. From sperm and egg to 100 billion neurons in the brain alone, happening every day in births all around the world virtually every second….

I say the evolutionist is clearly more faithful than I am.

ohh… keep reading… here’s more stats from the article:

“125 million visual receptors in each eye.”

“6000 out of 30000 of the body’s genes are expressed only in the brain.”

“750 Millileters of blood flow through the brain every minute; the volume is equivalent to nearly 1.6 pints.”

“60% of a baby’s energy is consumed by the brain. Compared to 20-25% of an adult brain.” (I’m sure there’s a great joke in here, if only I could divert more energy to my brain.)

“100% of our brain is used. It’s a long-discredited myth that we take advantage of only 10%.”

“75% of the brain consists of water.” (who knew? Where do we put 100 billion neurons in 25% of the mass. That’s crazy)

And a quote from Woody Allen:

“I don’t want to ahcieve immortality through my work. I want to to achieve it by not dying.”

Interestingly enough- our Creator has a thing to say about that prospect too- when the sheer amazing numbers cause you to realize your own immortality, turning to the creator is a great first step. My advice- for what it’s worth- don’t waste your life by waiting to experience eternal life at death. Embrace it today and let those neurons worship the creator, instead of the created.

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