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I think I’ve avoided talking about things like abortion and homosexuality and the like on this blog because of the way the church has jacked up these issues so much. I also am not a big politics guy and America is largely a political country before a religious one. That and the fact that I don’t need the comments section to be a debating zone have left me silent at times when I might blog on. But anyway, I believe that God cares about those issues. I care about them. I care about how the church deals with them and a lot of other issues too.

While our staff is not perfect, if you ask me sometime, I’ll tell you a story or two about why I think that the way my current pastoral staff handles these issues makes this one of the best churches in the world to work at. I’ve seen some amazing displays of love and grace and truth and redemption. It’s literally what I think Jesus would do and it’s sweet to be a part of a church staff like that. No, we’re not perfect, and we have made our errors in the process, but I sure do love the results I do see.

Along those lines, we have some proximity to a ministry in our area to those who have had an abortion or are considering one. I like the way they help and not judge. I like the way they speak with compassion and truth. I like the way they deal with this as a sociological and a theological issue.

If you’re looking for a resource to direct someone who is considering abortion, this website might be worth sending them to.

This video is worth the slightly under 90 seconds it will take to view. I think it shows their heart pretty well:

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