Husband. Dad to 5. Student Ministry Pastor. Follower of Jesus. Yatta yatta.


Today, our family went ice skating. Yep, ice skating. In Coronado. On the beach. Under the sun. At the world famous Hotel Del.

Shannon and her sisters, Caitlin and Erica, and TJ and Tyler all went ice skating together.

Jake and I bonded instead with fancy hot chocolate, a cookie, and a walk on the beach. At one point he went off walking really fast and I said, “Jake, where are you going?” He said that he was “making foot prints” as he stomped proudly, I snapped a picture. I love his smile in these pics.

As a side note, my intern coordinated a gift with all our adult and student leaders contributing and gave Shannon and I a gift cerficate to a night at the Del. Oooh laa la. How fun is that. We decided we’re going to use it to celebrate 13 years of marriage in June. It’s a rough life, but someone has to do it.

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