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Well, clearly people enjoyed the updates from our missions trip to Uganda. My blog readership tripled from 300 hits a week to 900 hits during the first week of our trip and 800 during the second week. Clearly, wanting pictures and information on our trip was a very high priority for friends and family. I hope you were all blessed, those of you who are still reading 🙂

The next few posts will be pictures of the trip with my family. In the coming weeks, I’ll compile some shots and post them in themes to keep the memory of the trip alive and fresh as I assimilate the learnings of the past month in the day to day life of my future.


  1. my traffic’s been low lately (summer slump, i think). maybe i need a trip to uganda.

  2. linda brangwynne says:

    Yeah, and if Marko goes to Uganda without finding a way to take his family and exec assistant along – I think I’m going to start a riot.

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