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35 today

Well, today marks a big day. Not sure why it’s big, maybe it’s not for most, but for me, turning 35 feels like another mile marker. It’s like official adulthood or something. In your twenties you still get the “Oh, you’re just a young buck” comments. At 35, no one lies to you about it anymore. I’m a dad, have a job, own a home, have bills to pay… I’m like 35. Wow.

Anyway… I set some goals for myself by the time I was 35… some I achieved. Some maybe I’ll reach during the year of being 35. We’ll see.

Monday night we went out to Benihana’s for dinner. I love that place. This time was a little weird though… 2 reasons:

1. The chef’s name was Armando and hew was from Mexico and he kept speaking spanish… it’s a Japanese westawant! I wanted english with a Japenese accent from a guy who throws knives for fun. Oh well.

2. My mom bought dinner for me and my kids. This was only weird because I was sitting with my wife and 3 kids in a restaurant that I also sat in for my 16th birthday. Different location, but same deal. Only it was with my sister, my mom and dad, and my girlfriend. Um… that girlfriend is now my wife and the mother of my 3 boys.

It screamed… TIMES CHANGE!!!

anyway… I work with a lot of 16 year old students at my church, which made me think how times have truly changed…. I made this sample comparison chart of some meanderings in my head on this festive day. You’ll have to click it to enlarge it to a readable size.


  1. Strange as it is to have lived both the 16 AND 35 column with you, I wouldn’t have given any of it up!! It is pure joy to be your wife on this 35th birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LOVE!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN! Have a great day.

  3. happy birthday. i have a feelnig the next 5 years are going to be epic for you.

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