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345,000 AT 16 CENTS EA. = DEATH?

TIME MAGAZINE posted this statistic in it’s “numbers” section of this weeks magazine on the feb. 5, 2007 edition:

345,000= number of people worldwide who died of measles in 2005, down 60% from 1999, beating a goal set by the United Nations.

16 cents= cost of measles vaccine which is often unaffordable in the 3rd World without underwriting from charities and foreign governments.

DO THE MATH…. this amounts to less that $55,200. THIS MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM!

How do I reconcile this statistic with this text in 1 John?

The fact that someone could die for lack of 16 cents is asinine on numerous levels… Regardless of whether foreign governments are to blame or not… surely there are believers with material posessions within reach of all of these people. Where in the world can I send 16 dollars to save 100 people’s lives?

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