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Well 2013 kicked my blogging butt.  Between my final year of seminary entrenched in Hebrew, my house falling apart, and the growing demands of family and ministry, something had to give.   So, it was blogging that got the axe.  Truth be told, the reason I cut it was because of all the things I was doing, the fruit from it was the hardest to find.  It was unclear to me the kind of impact it was having or not and I was getting a bit discouraged.  In the end, I could justify spending time on projects that paid money against bills, met the demands of my family, or filled a ministry role I was expected to do.  But blogging just to blog was no longer an option.

But this year, I’m going to try and make 3x a week happen again.  I’ll post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting today.

Why? Because 2014 is the year of healthy me and blogging makes me happy.   I turn 42 on the 100th day of 2014, so I’m focusing the first 100 days on getting my own heart, soul, body and mind healthy.

  • So, for my heart I’m going to say yes to things like camping, dating the wife, and anything else that makes me smile.
  • For my soul, I’m giving the first 30 minutes of my day to reading and prayer.
  • For my body, I’m doing p90x3 immediately after my soul care time.  I’m following their plan for 30 minutes of exercise, 7 hrs of sleep a night, and a whole foods only diet.
  • For my mind, I’m writing, blogging, and working my way through an intentional reading list.

There ya have it.  Blogging 2014 commences again today… for me and the 12 people who might read this thing 🙂


  1. You can do it!!!!!

    I just wanted to comment so you know your blog was read today in Frisco, TX!

    Kerrie Frick Gregory
    (you were my youth pastor in Fremont, CA)

  2. I’m listening, bro. You’re more encouraging and inspiring than you know!

  3. Looking forward to it, I’ve missed your post last year 🙂

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