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I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the greatest people as a youth pastor.  I could go on and on about a lot of people, but of my four years here in San Diego, there has been just one who has clearly been through the storm the closest with me. 

Sarah and I have cried together, laughed together, broke a sweat working on projects way past closing time together, counseled students together, had coffee, lunches, solved problems, and traveled to two foreign countries together just as a quick starter list.  She has truly been like a sister to me and a great friend/comrade in ministry.

Saturday was her wedding day and it was a joy to watch.  She married Daniel, another mutual friend on our staff at Journey who I’ve spent less time with in youth ministry, but have just as deep a respect for nonetheless.   Anyway, in the threat of rain on a misty day on the coast of San Diego and in a friends backyard later that night, the two of them chose to start their lives together before family and friends. 

Their story is a roller coaster of love and despair and hope and faith that made the day all that much more special.  It was such a great day to watch and such a wonderful thing to see God’s redemptive work pictured in this young married couple.

I had lots to do before the wedding and didn’t bring my camera out of the car, but I did snap some at the wedding rehersal as Shannon directed things a few nights before and then I busted it out again at a smaller reception they held afterwards. 

So three cheers for friends in love and here’s some photos as a toast to a long life filled with great risks and wonderful stories of God sightings as you daily love one another. 

here’s some from the rehearsal:

and here’s some from the hundreds of candles that lit up the walk ways and tables at the reception:

and here’s some of the two lover friends on their big day, saying thank you to parents and saying hello to a new life together:

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